The Solar Energy Technology program prepares you for work as a technician in solar energy photovoltaic and heat generation industries. The training has an emphasis on basic topics associated with PV operations, safety, off-grid solar energy, troubleshooting & maintenance, solar energy generation, electrical wiring, or Thermal operations, solar heat generation equipment and systems, troubleshooting & maintenance, plumbing, and economic values. Read more

Solar Instructor Training Network (South-Central Region)

The Solar Instructor Training Network (SITN) promotes high-quality training in the installation of solar technologies. Nine regional resource and training providers support
the professional development of trainers and instructors of solar photovoltaic (SPV) and solar heating and cooling (SHC) technologies across the country.

The goals of Solar Instructor Training are to accelerate market adoption of solar technologies by ensuring that high-quality installations are standard and to create
sustainable jobs within the solar installation industry.
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